From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

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A jaunty piece of music juxtaposed on a dark theme that we all have seen on the 11 o'clock news. Perhaps trying to understand why people snap and do such things.



Up at six a.m. , have a cup of joe and then
it's time to hit the road.
Punches in at work , his boss is being such a jerk ,
he's ready to explode.

After work , he kicks back a few.
The man who no one really knew.


Mr. Robertson , he's got no home.
Mr. Robertson , he's living all alone.
His wife ignores him , his kids think he's a fool.
Mr. Robertson is about to blow his cool.

Neighbors shook their heads.
Such a quiet man , they said.
Always had clean hands
Walked down Porter road ,
shot a policeman in the toe,
two kids and one old man.

And as he blew away Dr. Lace,
tears were running down his face.


The SWAT team came in and filled the air with lead.
Then came all those talking heads.
The audience applauded and ran to watch the news at Ten.


[chorus] out