About Us

Straight from the frozen tundra of Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the sunlit shores of Los Angeles, California, came the two Canadians. They met in the confines of a summer session at United College, due to an aversion to math. They soon discovered an equally shared love of music.

Over the years the two have worked as songwriters, musicians and producers in both the film and music business. Through it all they have maintained their passion for melodic pop music. Culminating in this latest endevour "Delusions of Grandeur", reflections of both writers weave in and out of the CD. John the optimistic, methodical one and Graham the moody, contemplative one- blended in more or less equal parts. 

Hope is a necessary ingredient for any artist, and speaking as an emissary for the team, we hope that some part of this latest project touches you in some small way.


Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur  is our 21st century evocation of the golden age of pop music , mainly the 60’s with an emphasis on the wonderful productions of the Beatles and George Martin though the influence of the Who , the Beach Boys , the Zombies and others can be heard throughout. It is designed to be listened in it’s entirety , complete with seques and transition pieces, That is perhaps a bit of an archaic concept in and of itself in this age of single downloads but we had a great time doing them nonetheless .

Of course , we also think that the songs each stand up individually,  Each and every one was conceived in the 60’s spirit of exploration and  no limits and perhaps more than a liberal application of various intoxicants, They have consequently developed into what even we would describe as “extravaganza" (so we got carried away ). The studio , being it’s own little world , becomes our playground  so please indulge us.  It is,  at least, a product of our overwrought enthusiasm.

It began simply as an excuse for John and myself to get together and make some music. It just evolved , in the manner of all offspring , into something of a juggernaut with it’s own direction quite beyond our control . It began to remind me of Spaulding Grey  where he would describe his book as “The Monster” in that movie “Swimming to Cambodia”.
At this point, I should probably say a few words about the songs themselves , For myself, I went through one of my blue periods, (yes- there was a woman involved). Therefore, some of the songs like “God made tears” and “ The Silence” have a distinct air of melancholy though I’m sure you can all relate. John, as the eternal optimist, contributes the positive  and inspirational influences in “Brand New Day”  "Our Love Goes On” and “ What Could Be Better”. We’ve also thrown in a little social commentary “ Mr. Robertson” and a touch of childlike innocence “Mr. Happy “ in places just to keep it interesting, The massive Trilogy we did just because we could. There are a number of covert Beatle references scattered randomly through the pieces so keep a sharp ear out- though  this is probably a case of us not being as clever as we think we are!
Many talented musicians contributed their magic and energy and even an occasional sandwich. We are grateful for their patience when we were trying to explain the inexplicable especially since they always gave us what we wanted in the end.  Anyway , all is well that ends well. We all had a bit of a giggle , a bite to eat and a good time was had by all . The results , we can say in all modesty , are pleasing to the ear though , barring a DNA sample from Sir Paul , we would never claim any comparison to the lads. Think of it more of a homage , a tribute if you will , conceived in fondness and respect and executed in love and dedication. So , brew a cup, nibble on a macaroon and turn it up.  Give it a good listen and post a message telling us what you think . We’d love to hear from you .     

 Faith, Graham Daddy & John Gillies

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