From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

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A song about love and marriage , contentment and acceptance . Certainly not my influence , given my track record , so must be John's . Though somewhat dedicated to our friend , Jimmy Book , who got married while we were doing this recording. G.D.



Standing in a rented tux , he shuffles his nervous feet.
Waiting for his blushing bride , and ,man, she looks so sweet.
He said those words and gave her a kiss.
They had a party that no one could miss.
Everybody got wasted.
Everybody laughed and celebrated.

What could be better than that.
What could be better.
What could be better than that.
He was happy where he was at.
What could be better than that.

Standing in the waiting room ,he's climbing up the wall.
Have another cup of joe , pacing up and down the hall.
The doctor came in , said hey you're a dad.
It's a boy and he's an healthy lad.
He gave cigars to the relations
and everybody wondered what to name him.


One by one their family grew as all those years rolled by.
But they're still looking through the eyes of love.
They're still holding hands and whispering sweet nothings still.
We should be so lucky each of us.

[chorus] out