From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

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Songwriting as therapy. Messy breakup leads to sad , sad song. What else is new ! Very nice arrangement from Jim , as usual.



You said and I said and all the words were flying 'round.
I said and you said and then the world came crashing down.
It's a masquerade , it's a passion play.
Walk over to the window , hide the pain.
Will I ever be with you again?

And the silence says it all.
Cinderella's left the ball.
Somewhere a mother says
little children go to bed.
Footsteps echo down the hall
and the rain begins to fall
and the silence says it all.

You said and I said,
something's lost and can't be found.
I said and you said,
pieces lying on the ground.

And lovers sigh their last goodbyes.
You opened up the door and started to cry.
I lit a cigarette and wondered why.



All those souvenirs and all those memories.
Pack them all away
and bring them out some sunny day.

!/2 chorus out.