From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

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Dedicated to Capt. Kangaroo and Fred Rogers , both of whom passed last year. Maybe you didn't watch those shows but , chances are , you watched similar ones. Like the passing of childhood , sad and bittersweet.



Mr. Happy had his own television show
with his partner , a purple buffalo.
He was the favorite of all the boys and girls.
He was famous all around the world.

He made the children scream and laugh,
dancing 'round in a bubble bath.
He made the sun shine through
every evening after school.


Goodbye Mr. Happy.
Bye , bye , so long.
Thank you , Mr. Happy.[thank you very much]

I grew up but maybe not that much.
When I feel lonely , completely out of touch.
I watch the reruns , they're on at three a.m.
They take me back to when
I was only ten.

He made the children's fondest dreams
of firemen and beauty queens
seem like they could come true [like Paul in Penny Lane]
Have you heard the sad,sad news.


Growing up in his neighborhood
life was simple , life was good.
He taught us how to spell K for Kangaroo.
Mr. Happy loved all of us and we loved him too.

[circus scene]



Children's games and cosmic rays,
model trains and airplanes.
Singing teacups in a row,a fire laughing in the snow.
a clock that talks, a broom that walks,
a pair of size twelve dancing socks,
[repeat and out.

So long.