From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

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Shamelessly sentimental and nostalgic , like seeing an old photo of a younger you with someone you loved dearly.



If you should find yourself sometime all alone
and you are thinking 'bout that oh so long ago.
And if you resurrect those memories
of how in love the two of us both used to be.

I hope you'll smile and have a laugh
when you arelooking through some ancient , faded photographs.


When you remember me.
don't forget how much I loved you.
Try to see those moments tenderly.
When you remember me.

That first apartment where we slept right on the floor.
Curled up together never needing too much more.
That time in London in that sidewalk cafe.
You looked so beautiful , you wore that pink beret.

So don't be sad because I'm not.
Passion sometimes burns out when it's burning , burning way too hot.



When some velvet midnight finds you falling into dreams,
take a visit to the past and have a little dream on me.

[chorus] When you remember me .
Don't forget how much I loved you.
I'll go back to when love was young and new
when I remember you.