From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

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This song is basically us via Beatles via the Everlys. Again Jim's impeccable arrangement especially in the last chorus. One of my favorite parts. Written with our ol' buddy , Louis Natkin.



If you want me to , I'd stumble through the fire
just to spend an hour with you.
If you asked me to , I'd say those simple words.
Can't that I'm long overdue.

There;s something in the way ,
you always know the right thing to say to me
and just because I love you I'll do...

Whatever it takes , baby ,you got it.
Whatever you want from me, well that's all right.
Whatever you want me to say ,
whatever kind of moves I should make.
Whatever it takes.

Sometimes in my dreams , I picture you and me
curled up in that old , blue chair.
Sometimes in my heart , an empty place is filled
when you walk in the room.

Sunrise seems to break ,
every single time I look into your face I see
that just because you love me I'll do....


There's nothing you could ask me that I wouldn't do.
I'll be your lover , faithful and true.
I'll stand beside you and I'll always try to make it like you're dreaming of.

[chorus] out