From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

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Maximum jangle as John puts it , complete with twelve string. Some nice vocal stuff over the Em. Randy Cook on drums , really tasty.



That dress you're almost wearing tells me that tonight's the night.
And I'm just sitting , praying , hoping you just might.

The truth comes out between the sheets,
The queen of cool gives off some heat.
A nightmare or a pleasant dream.

Ballerina , ballerina.
Just a touch of schizophrenia.
You always think the grass is greener.
Ballerina , dance with me just one more time.

You seem as cruel as Cosa Nostra on a killing night.
Your emotions are all hidden somewhere out of sight.

You danced across my open heart.
You waltzed right in , took me apart.
You never finish what you start.


You're always making changes
but not inside of you.
You're busy rearranging pieces of the truth.
But it's still crashing 'round your head.
So you just say goodbye instead.

[chorus] out