From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

Randy Cook again! Kicking! I always thought this was more like The Who than anything particularly in the middle buildup and ending. What do you think?



Your daddy made his money ,running guns in Zaire
and your mother's strung on valium she never saw your tears.
Everything you want , you just lay down lots of cash.
Nothing satisfies you , not the jewels , not the stash.
I can't take much more of this.


Don't try to save me 'cause you can't.
Don't try to change me 'cause you can't.
I can't be bought or sold by you.
Don't hang my portrait in your gallery of fools.
Your gallery of fools.

Don't look at me like that 'cause we're two of a kind.
It takes one to know one. I knew it that first time.
I believe in love but I don't believe in you.
I've heard a lie or three. I've been 'round a block or two.

I've been there and I've done that.
Go back to your aristocrat.



You laugh at all their jokes [cool insider]
but you're just blowing smoke [that's your style]
Just like you always do.
That's all right , that's o.k.
'cause I already knew about your gallery of fools.
That's all right , that's o.k.
I don't give a shit anyway.

[chorus] vamp and out.