From the recording DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

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O.K. so here's the inevitable breakup song , one of those muggings where you're scratching your head , wondering what the hell happened and what you did to deserve that. You know , the one that you brooded over for an obsessively long period of time with lots of alcohol involved.



She waved goodbye.
He tried and tried
to keep it all locked up inside
and to just go on with his life.
But midnight brings confusion and the doubt.
He's got to let it go or let it out.


and That's why God made tears,
created them to fall.
when we have lost it all.
And that's why God made tears,
the wounds that run so deep,
the scars that never heal.
That's why God made tears.

Through lover's eyes.[they say that love is blind]
She seemed so right.[ I guess you never know]
He made her laugh and brought her flowers
and held her in her darkest hours.
She turned away , said he should keep in touch.
She had to go 'cause she was in a rush.


Suddenly the rain came pouring down
and he stood there soaking wet.
Shocked and shaken in the parking lot.
He watched her as she drove off.

[chorus] out.